Best Holistic Secret Remedies To Combat Panic Attacks And Muscular Tension


Do you lie awake at night unable to switch off your mind? 

Do you feel frazzled at the start of each day? 

Your mind may be over alert and it’s important to stop the flow of thoughts. If you also experience muscular tension, sleep issues or headaches, it’s time to utilize holistic health remedies to start your healing process. 

holistic health

Sleep and holistic health

It is of the utmost importance that you can fall asleep easily. 

Sleep is important so to keep health at optimal levels. Poor sleep patterns lead to immense fatigue and a loss of vitality

But more than this, disturbed sleep leads to a low immune system, physical tiredness, fluctuating moods, and irritability. 

If you find it difficult to switch off from the events of the day or if you are in such a poor sleep cycle where you lie awake for hours and watch the hands of the clock tick by, you need holistic health methods. 

Try these options:

holistic health

    • Herbal remedies – valerian is an herb renowned for aiding sleep. It is available in tincture form or in capsules. Take at night and it will aid relaxation without any harmful side-effects.
    • Homeopathy – if you are struggling to sleep because you’ve experienced a personal trauma, it’s worth trying aconite. This helps if you are experiencing mental, emotional or physical restlessness. It’s also useful if you are suffering from nightmares. If you are experiencing intense fatigue and suffering from burnout, try nux vomica. Sleep problems that occur through a bout of short-term anxiousness i.e. workplace stressors combat this with Arsenicum album.

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