How The Power Of The Mind Can Heal Your Arthritis Pain


No one can doubt the anxiousness that is interconnected with an upsetting health diagnosis such as arthritis. Stress and inner fear can intensify joint pain due to the mind-body connection. But there is a solution. You can heal and soothe arthritis pain with mindfulness meditation.

heal and soothe arthritis

Fear is paralyzing

There’s no doubt that the fear of arthritis is far-reaching. Although arthritis is an umbrella term for joint pain, the collection of health conditions will intensify the fear of the unknown. Rheumatoid arthritis as an example, is an auto-immune disease where the body turns in on itself. Joints of the body can become badly affected and as they degenerate, the condition becomes extremely painful.

Fear, stress and anxiousness will play a significant role in how you cope with pain and whether you can still enjoy life to the full. Your diagnosis may be a shock and you are struggling to cope with it. Suddenly, you realize that there is a lot going on with your body that you just didn’t realize. This is why it is important to learn how to heal and soothe arthritis by using holistic methods that work. 

How does mindfulness meditation work?

heal and soothe arthritis

All meditation types work well when it comes to alleviating fears and controlling the mind but mindfulness meditation has been studied to see the effects on those who suffer with chronic levels of pain. It has been proven that just three sessions of approximately twenty-minutes will produce pain-relieving benefits. Mindfulness meditation really does alter the perception of pain.

The mind is incredibly powerful but, if left unchecked, fear can manifest and spiral out of control. It’s important to control this aspect with mindfulness meditation so to heal and soothe arthritis. Painful joints can be overwhelming but there is life after diagnosis. When you alleviate fear, you can boost your healing powers with a meditation practice. 

Relaxation techniques to heal and soothe arthritis

Learning to control your breathing is an important part of the process. It’s about shutting out distractions and tuning into the inhalation and exhalation. It’s about using the breath to control fear and to instill an inner peace and well-being. The breath can release tension from the body and this plays a significant role in letting go of pain.

Think of your life as a leaf that is being buffeted in the breeze, mindfulness meditation helps you to heal through centering yourself. You become peaceful. The leaf flutters to the ground and remains still irrespective of outside influences as must you if a serious health diagnosis occurs. 

Ten Tips on Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is about being in the moment

To heal and soothe arthritis, it’s not about escaping, it’s about understanding your body. It’s about recognizing triggers, learning to ascertain and reveal the clues as there is no doubt, your body is communicating with you. When you connect the mind and body on an intrinsic level, you create a harmony, a balance that enables you to instinctively understand what works for you. You are also able to recognize fear and anxiety and to deal with it.

While arthritis is a fearful condition, it’s fear itself that causes the most problems for many. Make the power of the mind work for you. Do not fear for the worst, use the mind as a healing tool.