Dealing with Grief – How Meditation Accelerates the Healing Process


The loss of a loved one is something we all dread. The grieving process can be long and arduous as a result. It may feel as if you have been thrown into an emotional vortex with no way out, but, meditation helps you progress through the stages of grief so that you can learn to live again. Here’s how.


Emotional pain and grief

If you have recently lost someone close to you, it’s fair to say that you may feel cast adrift on a boat in the midst of a storm. There may seem to be no solution (how can there be) and, without a way back, the route forward is obscured and unimaginable. The emotions you experience will fluctuate wildly, they will be inconsistent and yet powerful in their intensity.

You may experience:

  • Feelings of depression
  • Regret
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Fear
  • Anger

Grief can hold you hostage. There is no way to turn the clock back to happier times. Therefore, loss feels overwhelming and intense with its grip on you. It doesn’t help that there is no set pathway to normality again. All you can see is change and confusion ahead. This is understandable. It’s impossible to replace that person you have lost and therefore, there is a hole in your life which is impossible to fill. Grief affects everybody differently. Even if you talk to others, they will never truly be able to comprehend what you’re going through because it’s unique to each person.

People often experience intense anger during this time, this is often as a result of their loved one leaving them alone. These types of intense emotions can make you feel sad, vulnerable and even selfish although this is not the case. We all think about ourselves during these times. It is how our loss affects us and we worry what will happen going forwards. So, it is important to understand that the emotions you experience are quite natural and expected.

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