How Gratitude Meditation Can Get You Out Of Depression


 When your mood is low or if you feel the downward spiral of depression, it helps to turn your attention inwards. By doing so, you establish why you feel low and this is useful. If you practice a gratitude meditation, you will find this uplifting, positive and empowering.

gratitude meditation


Regular practice of meditation is greatly beneficial. It provides a healing effect on the mind and body and instills a sense of calmness. It takes very little time to become proficient and therefore, the more you practice, the greater the benefits. You also find it easier to tap into your internal levels of peace. Meditation can take various forms – mindfulness meditation, transcendental meditation, guided visualization or gratitude meditation. It’s about finding the type of meditation that works for you.

Gratitude meditation

When your mood is low, a gratitude meditation can be extremely powerful. It enables you to focus on elements of your life that means a great deal to you. This could be focusing on the love for a parent or child. It may mean focusing on good news or an aspect of self which you are happy with.  There are so many things to be appreciative of. It may be the flavors of your food as you bite into your lunchtime sandwich or, how you feel when you spend time in nature.

When you use a gratitude meditation, it helps you to create space between you and any negative thoughts and helps you to see some positive elements and for your perspective to change. It can take a little practice but persevere. Focus with all your intent on the positive elements that are associated with you.

gratitude meditation

Negative self-talk

Many people spend too much time being governed by dark thoughts. It’s easy for this to happen. The mind becomes bombarded with thoughts, many of them self-critical and this is highly damaging. With awareness, it is possible to monitor that inner voice which can easily make feelings of depression intensify. Depression is overwhelming. 

Find purpose

If your life is lacking in direction, this can have the same impact on you as if a ship without anchor being adrift in the ocean. You must find your purpose. This way, you can focus all your gratitude on the things that matter the most. Therefore, you have a connection with something important to you personally. This connection helps to lift your mood and to remind you as to what truly matters in life. Try a gratitude meditation today, it works.