How To Destroy The Extreme Fatigue That’s Stealing Your Energy


If you are feeling exhausted constantly, you know how hard it is. Extreme fatigue infiltrates every part of your life. You lose focus and concentration goes out of the window and what about those rising levels of irritability? If this sounds familiar, this may help.

feeling exhausted

You May Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you have been feeling exhausted for six months or more, it may be chronic fatigue syndrome. Unfortunately, it is difficult to diagnose but it is believed to be connected to adrenal fatigue. This makes sense because the adrenal glands are the body’s first line of defense against stress. If you have been under a great deal of stress or in a pressured job, you may not realize that your adrenal glands are being depleted. 

Gaining a Diagnosis

Understandably, a diagnosis would usually require eliminating any potential diseases or health conditions until chronic fatigue syndrome is the only choice left. If the condition is not treated, then exhaustion can affect concentration levels, your memory, and even stamina. Exhaustion has a far-reaching effect. Relationships with family and friends can become strained partly because you may not know what you’re dealing with health-wise. This can cause a whole new set of concerns but you will be so tired that it is difficult to fight irritability. As a result, additional emotions such as anger, anxiousness, or even guilt can occur.

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