Outside Meditation: The Perfect Solution For An Overwhelmed Person


Do you feel stressed? Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of the day? Escape the house or office and make your way to freedom and the healing power of a natural environment.  Renew and revitalize yourself. Meditate in nature.

MeditateWhy meditate in nature?

Seriously, there is no better way to attain a sense of calm and inner peace than being outside in the elements, breathing in fresh air and surrounded by nature. It doesn’t matter how tired, stressed out or, ‘out of sorts’ you are. When you find that quiet, aesthetically pleasing place, you’ll find it far easier to get into the zone.

Become grounded

The problems of life can affect the essence of you. Under pressure, reactive to stressors all around, it’s easy to stop being grounded and to lose your way.  When outside, surrounded by nature and with your bare feet connecting to the earth beneath you, you reconnect to the earth. There’s a sense of relief at being free. When you meditate in such a natural setting, the layers of stress or feelings of tension within start to dissipate quickly. There’s a sense of freedom and peacefulness.

Change perception

Once we start meditating in a natural setting, we become a part of it. We are no longer observers on the side lines, we belong within the scene. We tune into the movement of trees swaying in the light breeze and feel lighter in body and spirit too. Then, we notice the trees gnarled old trunks and hear birds singing in the canopies and yes, it lifts the spirits.

When we slip into the natural world as a participant, our perception of life changes. We take a step back from day to day pressures. We open up to the beauty around us. Whether lush gardens, river scenes or, amid a forest, nature soothes and heals. It’s important to open up to the potential of the scenery. It is possible to steady the mind by increasing these sensory experiences.

Remain in the present

In modern life, we rush from one situation to the next. We multitask and we juggle life’s issues but often, there’s little time left over. Mindfulness affords a great many benefits and so, determine to remain in the moment. This can be enhanced greatly by walking in nature’s setting. Connecting with each movement. Feeling feet pressing into the soil, noticing how your lungs breathe in life-giving oxygen. Replenishing and revitalizing within the tranquil effects of nature.

meditateOpen your eyes and your mind

When you first sit in your chosen spot, calm the mind. Observe all that is around you. Increase your sense of inner peace and dedicate your time so to meditate. You notice the vivid colors, the textures, the scents and the sounds all around you. With eyes closed, the scenery is still vivid beneath your eyelids because you bring the scenes to life.

You manifest them so that they feel real within your visualization. The richness of nature surrounds you and becomes you. Let your breathing become natural and rhythmic. Notice movements and sounds around you. Notice the sun on your skin or, cooler air. Just revel in the sounds of nature.

In conclusion, embrace the natural world, follow your instinct into this healing place and rejuvenate mind body and soul.