Love Aromatherapy? Experience Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

Love Aromatherapy? Experience the Amazing Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

By Annette Young | Monday Monday Staff -    2018-05-19    4 min read

If you enjoy aromatherapy, it is worth trying basil essential oil as it has a multitude of uses. Use it to combat infections, and fight off bacteria and viruses while helping to relieve congestion. It also stimulates the nervous system and may even combat adrenal fatigue.

essential oil

Basil Essential Oil

It is thought to have originated in India centuries ago. It has high linalool content and a rich, aroma which makes it very useful for helping relax the body and to soothe on a physical and emotional level. The aroma could be deemed spicy but also warm and inviting. It’s a good oil to blend with other aromatherapy oils. Many people find it useful for meditation or for when practicing yoga and used regularly in this way, it helps to create the right mindset so that you get into the zone more easily. In addition, it helps combat insect bites or stings.

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Annette Young

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