[Beginners Guide] How To Meditate Like A Pro Even If You Find It Difficult To Maintain Your Focus


It may seem impossible to find time to relax and unwind when your life is crammed full already. But, if you often struggle to keep up with the fast pace of life or just long to press the pause button sometimes, try these super easy meditation techniques for beginners.

meditation techniques for beginners

Meditation techniques for beginners

There’s no point rushing and expecting to understand all the secrets of successful meditation in one go. Take your time, learn the techniques and feel the benefits gradually becoming a part of your life. You deserve some time out. So, it’s time to take your foot off the accelerator and to slow down. Remember that long-ago feeling of peace? Well, now you can achieve it again. These meditation techniques for beginners will show you how easy it is. 

 Finding time

This may be the most difficult aspect especially if you feel that life is stressful. Remember, when you are stressed, it’s even more important to meditate. In fact, meditation must become a seamless part of your life. As a starting point,  try for 5-minutes of quiet contemplation first thing each morning. Meditation also works well in the evening as it will help you wind down after a busy day.

 Set yourself a goal

As time goes by and meditating becomes easier, set a target to be able to meditate for 30 minutes each day. Gradually, increase this as and when you are ready. Ideally, start with 5-minutes of meditation and then, increase this by 5-minutes every week. On the second week, strive to meditate for 10-minutes and so on. This gives you time to consolidate the techniques and to start feeling some benefits.  

Choose the technique

Initially, you may find it easy to use a guided meditation as these are designed to hold your attention and will lead you on a journey of discovery. There are different types of meditation including mindfulness and Transcendental meditation. Try out various types and see what works for you.

 Engage with the breath

Start meditating by focusing on the breath. You do not need to perform any fancy breathing techniques just concentrate on the inhalation and exhalation and this way, you will improve focus. So, for this breathing technique, inhale and count to 4 and focus on your lungs filling. Hold this breath for a count of 4 and then, exhale, counting to 4. Now, monitor your lungs as they deplete. This provides one round of this breathing exercise. Repeat several times and then, monitor the rise and fall of your chest.  If your mind wanders, gently bring it back.

 Develop a habit

Endeavor to develop a meditation habit and practice every day for 28-days. This gives you time to absorb this practice and make it a positive new habit and as you start to feel the benefits, you will want to meditate more and more. 

meditation techniques for beginners

The great outdoors

Be inspired by  nature. Take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and surround yourself with natural elements. Sit by a river or on the beach, go for a walk in the hills or sit opposite snow-capped mountains. It’s your choice. Think of places where you can just let go of daily life. 


You can meditate sitting or lying down, it is up to you. Do no slouch. Your spine must be  erect and your head placed squarely on top of the neck. Importantly, do not bend the neck forward. Imagine a string from the top of the head to the ceiling and this will keep you in the correct alignment. Importantly, make sure your shoulders are not hunched up to your ears, there should be plenty of space between the ears and shoulders. Do not arch your spine. 


Meditation provides a great many benefits. You will enjoy inner peace, improved health, and greater clarity of mind plus, you will feel more relaxed. Sleep patterns will improve and stress will have a lesser impact on your health and well-being. You will find over time, that you gain more and more benefits providing you keep these simple meditation techniques for beginners in mind.