4 Steps To Developing a Positive Daily Routine That Will Improve Your Life


Stuck in an unhealthy rut? Want to change your life? Perhaps you want to combat stressors in life or to get fit and healthy. To make significant changes, you need to develop positive daily routines so to cultivate new ways of thinking and make sure you follow up with action. But are you ready for change?  

daily routines

Strategize for new daily routines

Life will only change if we take positive action. That makes sense, right? If you are driven towards changing aspects of your life, then, you have to have a strategy in place.  First, what changes do you want to make? What aspect of life is not making you happy? If you are not sure, then, you won’t make significant changes.  Spend some time contemplating this and make some notes. It’s easier to recognize your real motivations when they are there in black and white. You need to develop new positive habits but, don’t go mad. Choose just one or two changes to start with because if you opt for too many, you will only feel overwhelmed and more than a little negative if you fail to keep up with these new daily routines.

Define progress points

Ensure your new daily routines include progress points. You need to be able to ascertain if they are working and how you can extend or shape them to suit your needs. Perhaps you decide that one positive change is to power walk to work in the morning rather than taking the car. Or, perhaps, you decided to prepare healthy lunches rather than the types of foods you would normally indulge in. At the end of 7 days, check-in on your own progress and note down your successes. You also need to contemplate on any days where you could not stick to your daily routines.

Contemplate the value

Let’s imagine that one of your new positive habits is a lot more difficult than you imagined. Perhaps you decided to join a gym and, you have found it difficult to get there on a daily basis but when you did go, you felt amazing. However, the cost of the membership is huge, it’s important to contemplate the value of everything that you are gaining versus the cost. This should hopefully endorse this as a new habit that you wish to keep.

daily routinesReflect and meditate

You need to make any new daily routines as instinctive as possible. You can help increase the potential for this by meditating. In fact, if you don’t already meditate, you need to start. This one will give you numerous benefits and it’s free. You only need five or ten minutes to meditate on your progress and to connect with your inner awareness.

Tune into your feelings, not just your emotions but, your physical body too. How do you feel? Have your new changes improved your life? Have you found them difficult to sustain? Consider why you need to keep going and what you hope to achieve. If it’s not working, make changes. If they are working, meditate on the positive elements only. Absorb it, let the inner message wash over you. This endorses the ‘feel good’ message and makes these new daily routines seep into your subconscious mind. Continue to do this and you will begin to shape your life.