How To Clear Your Mind Of Unnecessary Thoughts


The mind can work against us in so many ways. Thoughts can become overwhelming and they can be distracting and even, harmful. So, it is important to learn how to clear your mind of all thoughts at certain times. It may sound impossible but it’s not. Thank goodness for meditation.

How to clear your mind of all thoughtsHow to clear your mind of all thoughts

Meditation is the best way to gain control of your mind. When life is overwhelming, thoughts become cluttered. When we live in a distracted state of being, we lose control of our lives to a degree. Life is often so stressful that we try to cope, this means juggling workload, juggling finances and fighting to just have time to ourselves. As a result, our thoughts may become muddled completely and, can start to become negative and this is a problem. 

Thoughts create more distractions in a life that is already overwhelming. This spirals into a never-ending cycle of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and then, the mind becomes filled with self-depreciating thoughts. When life becomes difficult, thoughts seem to work harder than ever to trip us up and to make us doubt ourselves. Sound familiar?

Meditation for clarity

When you meditate, you start to develop the skills to let go of the muddled mindset. You listen to thoughts without judgment and then, let them drift away. 

You don’t hold onto them. 

You don’t think about them.

You simply let them go. 

This opens space within the mind which provides a safe haven from the stresses of modern life.  It takes very little for meditation to work its magic. 

Starting off slowly – meditating for five or ten minutes a day and then, expanding this as the techniques become more instinctive.

How to clear your mind of all thoughtsMeditation for positive thinking

Negative thinking is damaging to health and to well-being. 

It may not start as negative thought patterns but the longer the mind is bombarded with confusion, negative thought patterns and self-doubts start to become the norm. 

Meditation enables the reinforcement of a new way of thinking. Meditation is the resource for opening up new pathways, for de-cluttering the mindset and for letting go of anxieties. 

It’s also great for de-stressing.

Simply, meditation helps you to let go of the negative in life. It helps you to create space in the mind and to welcome in the positive. If you want to know how to clear your mind of all thoughts, start meditating today.