How To Finally Stop Being A Victim Of Burnout By Healing Your Mind


Burnout can happen to anyone and it’s not new. So many people these days give their all until energy levels are depleted and they feel exhausted and unable to continue. Too much stress or pressure can be debilitating but there are often very real health problems that ensue. Sound familiar?


Are you a victim of burnout?

Your body acts as the best reminder of when it is essential to say no. When you start feeling intense fatigue and a headache becomes the norm, it is important to realize the symptoms and that you are heading for a very bad place, mentally and physically if you don’t make significant changes.

Struggling to sleep?

One common sign of burnout is that of insomnia. You may collapse into bed at night, your eyes sore and heavy from lack of sleep and your body exhausted. But then, suddenly, you are wide awake and have the tasks of the day whirling around in your mind. It’s important to analyze where you are at in life and to contemplate addressing sleep patterns and any internal angst so that sleep improves. After all, you cannot possibly cope with a busy lifestyle if functioning on auto pilot.

Headaches and palpitations?

If you are suffering from burnout, you may experience some very real physical problems. Headaches may become a constant presence in your life and, you may even experience palpitations. These are classic signs of stress and so, if this sounds familiar, make time for yourself and start to nurture you, helping to heal your mind, body and soul. Ready for the solution to burnout?

Give your immune system a much-needed boost

Your immune system is important. It protects you from disease and from succumbing to bacterial or viral infections. It’s easy for your immune system to come under pressure. Working too hard and facing too many stressors will reduce your immunity and put you at risk of illness. Improve your diet first of all. If you are eating processed foods and not getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables, you are not helping yourself. Add fresh garlic to your diet or, take odor free capsules if necessary. Use Echinacea for a few days too so that you give your immune system a helping hand.

Improve sleep patterns

If you wake up ultra-tired each day, then it’s time to take action. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your pillow at night and this will help you to drift off to sleep. In addition, have a warm bath and add lavender to the water so that you inhale this wonderful aroma and it calms your senses. Practice meditation and restorative yoga to your evening wind-down too and this will fill your body with a sense of peace and calmness and offset those hard to switch off thoughts. Try the herbal tincture passion flower as a few drops of this in some water prior to bedtime will help to improve sleep patterns.


Meditation to offset burnout

Meditation can be used in so many ways, and ideally, for preventing ill-health or negative thoughts. But, if you are on the brink of burnout, meditation may become the lifeline that pulls you back from the edge. Meditation can certainly rejuvenate and heal and it can even offset the perils of depression and anxiety. You can sit in any position providing it is comfortable and just clear your mind. This may be difficult at first but, it’s important to persevere.

Imagine yourself in a setting that appeals to you the most. This could be sitting by a river, lying in a hammock by a sandy beach or, seated on top of a mountain with the most glorious of views. It doesn’t matter where you choose as long as you find a connection with this scene and can relate to it or, feel a desire to be there. Take long deep breaths to settle the mind and then, breathe normally.

Imagine a bubble of protection around you so that you are completely protected from anything that life has to throw at you. Spend time focusing on this protective bubble. Make it seem real to you. At the end of your meditation, visualize that the bubble is still there protecting you.


Adrenal gland first-aid

We often don’t realize the effect that stress and pressured situations have on the mind and body. The adrenal glands are often known as the body’s first line of defense. We use these glands when we respond to stress and this means, when the glands are depleted, the protective barriers are down. You can help prevent adrenal fatigue by reducing alcohol, reducing some carbohydrates and caffeine and, through meditation. Increase the health of your diet making sure you have plenty of zinc and vitamins A, B, C and E. Try Maca (supplement) as this can help to regulate the stress hormone cortisol and also, balance blood sugar. It also boosts energy levels. Licorice root is another herb that helps to combat adrenal fatigue. It stimulates hormone production and increases endurance. Don’t take it if you have high blood pressure.


Practice mindfulness

Try a walking mindfulness meditation and get out and about as this is a great way to boost your body’s endorphins while offsetting stress. All you need to do is focus on your movement first of all. Notice your natural rhythm as you walk. Feel your feet as you place them on the path and feel the motion of your foot from the heels to the balls of the feet. Notice your breath and the movement of your body. Then, take in your surroundings. Notice the green of trees, notice buildings, architecture, rolling fields and so on. Keep your focus only on these elements and absorb this information.

In mindfulness, you remain totally immersed in the present. You are not thinking about the past or the future. You are simply being. It has a highly positive effect on the mind and helps heal the body. All of these elements in unison will help to combat the negative elements of stress and to avoid burnout.