How To Meditate When It Is A Struggle


Have you ever woken up and felt immediately grumpy? You know that there is no real reason for it, but, you feel irritated all the same. The world and all within it ticks along as usual, but you feel lost. Meditating at these times may be more difficult, but you will regain equilibrium…here’s how.

Meditating on out of sorts daysConsider any unresolved issues

Unresolved issues can plague us constantly. 

We often don’t know why we feel out of sorts, but the subconscious mind may be hinting that there’s something important to do. When you delve a little deeper, you may suddenly recall that ‘not so nice’ chore that is waiting. 

You know, the one you tried hard to bury at the back of your mind?

Unresolved emotions also have a habit of rising to the surface. You can only keep difficult emotions at bay for so long, at some point, you must face up to it and deal with them. 

Meditating can help.

Meditating to find inner peace

When you find a quiet space, give yourself time to fully achieve your meditative state. 

Feelings of irritability can very easily interrupt the flow and this can lead to even more frustration. 

Don’t let it. 

Just close your eyes and focus on the breath. 

It is important that you do so. 

Your mind may wander but gently lead it back. 

Your thoughts may be darker than usual too, that’s okay. Just observe them in a non-judgmental way. 

Your thoughts do not govern the outcome. Let them roll past you as if a film credit and gradually disappear from view.

Meditating on out of sorts daysMeditating for inner harmony

When we feel out of sorts, it’s easy to hold onto that feeling. Sometimes, we need to justify it, so we hug it to ourselves as if something precious when it isn’t. 

We can’t be governed by our moods and yet, we hold onto them like a poisoned chalice. 

Instead, visualize something that means a lot to you. 

It could be something very simple or something beautiful. 

Let it be an object or scene that resonates with you. 

The view towards a snow-capped mountain, or, the view across a beach scene. Perhaps, an early morning flower opening to greet the day? It can be anything you like. 

Hold onto this image and connect with it. 

When you truly believe in what you are visualizing, when you feel that connection, inner harmony infiltrates your mind and body and gradually tension dissipates.

It doesn’t matter if you struggle to achieve your meditation

It’s just the way it is. 

Other days will be easier.

But, during those difficult times, understand that this is life and just go with the flow.

Embrace the good and bad days. 

You are alive, you exist and that’s enough. Tomorrow, life will be back to normal.