Love Your Adrenal Glands or Lose Them


Part Two

Your adrenal glands are important. When they stop functioning, life changes dramatically. You feel tired, irritable, and anti-sociable. Life becomes seriously difficult too and therefore, it is imperative that you prevent stress from grinding you down and protect your health before adrenal burnout occurs.

adrenal glands


Stress and the adrenal glands

Adrenal fatigue is serious. This cannot be emphasized enough. While there are many different causes, perhaps the one most associated with damaging the adrenal glands is stress. It is that simple. We do not live in a healthy world. Pressures pile up on top of pressures, there are greater expectations and more demands. Stress is pretty much unavoidable for most people and this is unfortunate. When stress occurs, it often comes at you from all sides and bombards your waking hours and disturbs sleep patterns too. When this happens, it’s difficult to think clearly or to react reasonably.

Common causes of stress include:

  • Financial implications
  • Difficult work situation
  • Family issues

Limiting the amount of stress in your life is vital but, it’s not always possible to eliminate major causes of stress. Perhaps a family member is seriously ill. This brings its own set of stressors. You worry about their health and whether they will recover but there are other implications too. How will you cope without that person? The ‘what if’s’ may plague you constantly and torment you. All this may fill you with dread. If you have other family issues or, financial problems, it may seem as if there is no end to the difficulties in life.  These are situations which can strip away control from you and leave you feeling vulnerable.  

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