Adrenal Gland Function – Create a Health Recovery Action Plan


Part Three

Your adrenal glands need your help. They are the body’s first line of defense and once exhausted through stress, you must heed the warning signs. Adrenal gland function can improve and if you wish to regain full health and energize your body, follow this health recovery plan. 

adrenal gland function

Treatment for adrenal gland function

When your adrenal glands are under serious pressure, it is vital that you take a multi-pronged approach to healing because adrenal gland function is likely to have been compromised gradually over the years. It’s important you realize which aspects of your life need to be addressed – this could be too much stress or, not sleeping sufficiently or, perhaps your diet has limited your body’s ability to heal.

You must vary your approach so to discover what helps you the most. Make your recovery plan personalized, it is important after all and you must believe in it and commit to it. Remember, it may have taken years for your adrenal gland function to spiral downwards and to leave you feeling listless, exhausted and demotivated by everything around you. When the adrenal glands stop functioning, your life changes. You no longer feel healthy. You feel too tired to bother and if life is stressful, there may seem to be little way out. So, it’s important to incorporate some of these healing methods to boost your ability to heal and to help reduce stressors. If you commit to the plan, gradually, you will start to feel more like your old self.

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