7 Great Meditation Tips – Develop a Practice That Works for You


Meditation provides great relief from stress. It helps overcome anxiety and inner angst and can even change the physical structure of your brain. But sometimes, you may find it difficult to tune into the moment and gain inner peace. If so, try these 7 meditation tips.


1) Consistency

You may love to meditate, enjoying the harmonizing sensation of mind and body, but even if you know how much better you will feel afterwards, it can be difficult to make yourself commit to your practice. There is no doubt that consistency is vital. Rather than leave your meditation practice to chance, it’s important to build regular sessions into your schedule.

If you are new to meditating, start with just 5 or 10 minutes, which will be sufficient. After all, you are trying to develop the foundations of practice and learn the relevant techniques. If you try to meditate for too long initially, your mind will probably become distracted, simply because it is untrained. Therefore, short bursts of meditation are good in the early days. If you are used to meditating but have somehow lost your way, determine to meditate for approximately 30-minutes a day. It doesn’t matter how much you struggle, perseverance is everything and the results are worth it.

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