Aromatherapy Oils For An Incredibly Powerful 5-Minute Meditation


A meditation session does not have to be long to help calm the mind and body. In fact, a 5 minute meditation is an incredibly powerful way of doing just this. Aromatherapy oils can greatly accelerate your meditative practice, here’s why.

5 minute meditationSuccess within the 5 minute meditation

All you need for your 5 minute meditation is a quiet space where no-one will disturb you. Have a tea-light and oil diffuser nearby and choose your favorite essential oil. Make sure you purchase pure essential oils as these do not contain harmful chemicals as will the cheaper versions. When you use aromatherapy, you promote relaxation, become spiritually open and find a deep sense of inner peace. Within 5 minutes, you will feel renewed. 

Choose your aromatherapy oils carefully

Aromatherapy oils all have unique qualities. It’s worth researching their individual properties as they will aid your meditation in different ways. Also, some will have opposing qualities – to sedate or to stimulate. You may also be instinctively drawn to particular aromas at specific times.  Go with what feels best. 

Lavender essential oil

Lavender is a favorite for many. If you feel tired, stressed or anxious, lavender is the perfect oil. It is calming and has anti-anxiety, antidepressant and relaxant properties. Add only one drop of oil to the burner because you want a gentle aroma rather than anything too strong.

If you are meditating before retiring for the night, then, lavender is a wonderful oil to use. It’s also fabulous if you feel anxious or struggle to get into the zone because it helps you to achieve balance.

Clary sage essential oil

Clary sage is often used to remove negative energies from any room. If you feel that you are attracting negative elements, it can be useful so to bring a positive vibe to your location. It’s also used to lift mood and will greatly enhance your 5 minute meditation.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus is wonderful for creating pure energy in the room. If your sinuses are blocked or you have a head cold, eucalyptus can help you to breathe deeply as it opens the airways. More, it will increase clarity of mind.

Sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood is the favorite oil for many when it comes to meditating. It’s perfect for those stressful days where your thoughts are all over the place and you need to calm yourself. It can help to lower blood pressure too as it is hypotensive.

5 minute meditationNeroli essential oil

Neroli oil enhances a meditation session. It helps to instill a sense of acceptance and may inspire creative feelings. On a physical level, it reduces inflammation, eases pain and decreases blood pressure. It’s also excellent as a stress reliever too. Neroli pure essential oil is perfect to center you and helps you to achieve a mindful state of being.

When you use aromatherapy oils, it greatly enhances any meditative state. Importantly, it stimulates the senses, or, increases feelings of relaxation. Therefore, whether you are embarking upon a full meditation or, a short one, use oils that suit your mood. It will lift the experience to a new level.