Once You See What This Is For, You’ll Want All Yoga Studios To Do It


Kitten yoga is now a thing, and it’s helping to raise money for local animal shelters. We thought we’d seen it all with Goat Yoga, but it seems animal practice is here to stay.

Kitten Yoga Gains Popularity

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It seems yogis across the nation are loving Kitten Yoga, the latest Yoga trend and craze. The McKamey animal shelter in Tennessee decided to take advantage of the fun practice, and threw an event to raise money for their shelter.

A Yoga studio called Blissful Wellness at Nutrition World in the Tennessee area hosted the event. Kitten yoga is available for participants every Saturday from 10 am to 11 am. Yogis are able to practice their favorite poses in the midst of many kittens. The tiny creatures add a whole new level of cuteness to the class.

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The website states kittens are “dispersed” throughout the class. Some students even hope the kittens will climb on top of them while they’re in certain poses. The added element challenges balance in a whole new way.

Plus, the kittens are all up for adoption. Yogis might go to the class looking for a great meditation of workout, and end up going to home with a new best friend. The animal shelter hopes this will be a great way to find new homes for the tiny furry friends.

A Great Cause

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Kitten yoga class is a huge hit. 75 tickets are available for the class. The animal shelter expects it to sell out. Admission is 10 dollars, and yogis are also encouraged to bring donation items. Some students brought things the shelter could use including blankets, dog and cat food, or chew toys. 

This yoga studio also held kitten yoga events successfully in the past. Previously they had raised over 1000 dollars for a different shelter. This kitten yoga classes are certainly making a huge impact in their communities.