How to fix hunchback posture in three minutes


In this video, Matt demonstrates a convenient workout to get rid of hunchback posture. Using this exercise, you can develop the muscles of the mid and upper back to achieve and preserve better posture.

This exercise can help you with your hunchback( kyphosis) and forward head posture. As with any exercise, this must be done regularly and consistently to get results that last. How long it takes will be dependent on how bad your posture is to start with and how much your daily habits put you in bad posture.

In general, we recommend holding the position for 2.5 to 3.5 minutes and doing the exercise once or twice a day( more if your body answers well to it ). If you expend a lot of time in a hunchback position or you find this exercise extremely difficult, you may need to do it more than someone who has less kyphosis. If someone has a good overall lifestyle that allows them to stay out of bad posture for longer periods, they may need to do this very little.