How To Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt


This video was triggered by one of my subscribers wondering how to fix an anterior pelvic tilt. So first off, I had to explain exactly what it was and how to tell if you have one … and the easiest way to tell if you have it is by looking at how your hips are leveled. If your butt or belly stick out more than they should, “you’re supposed to” have been suffering from a pelvis tilted forward. Also, this can be the reason for lower back pain or weakened glute/ hamstring muscles.

What causes this? Plain and simple, muscle imbalances. As humans, we sit a lot. Whether it’s at a desk or in school, we often are sitting on our butts which is causing our hip flexors to stiffen. With our hip flexors stiffening, that does nothing but weaken our abs. With our abs getting weak and hip flexors get tight, that causes our hamstrings, glutes, and IT bands to lengthen because the front of our pelvis is constantly being pulled downward and causes our erector spinae/ low back to become very tight.

With all this working together, your pelvis tilts forward and the number 1 style to fixing this is by correcting your muscle imbalances. This means you must :

1. Stretch your hip flexors.
2. Strengthen your abs.
3. Strengthen your hamstrings and glutes.
4. Stretch your IT bands.
5. Stretch your low back.

In this video, I give workouts that do all of this. Give it a watch and let me know what you think!