How Often Should You Workout Your Abs?


In this video, I explain the different approaches you need to take when figuring out how often you’re going to develop your abs every week.

1. You need to understand Direct vs. Indirect ab work. Direct means actual ab exercises. Indirect entails exercises that require core stabilization of your abs. Therefore, you should not over develop your abs by doing direct ab is currently working on days where you are doing a high volume of compound movements.

2. You need to understand the different areas of your abs. You have your rectus abdominals, transverse abdominals, as well as internal and external obliques. With that being said, you can made different areas on different days and therefore split your workouts up. Or you can reach them all a little bit everyday seeing as how abs are a smaller muscle group and will recover faster. But YES, they need time to repair.

3. You need to understand that no matter if you hit your abs every day, you are never going to get a huge muscular ab belly on you. Abs are a thinner muscle group with only one type of muscle fibers, so you simply need to focus on quality contractions and you will never have to worry about get a big and bulky stomach.