Gym Gear Do’s and DON’Ts To Not Appear Like A Douche


In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete& Pedro says that he’s talked a great deal about style on IAmAlphaM except for workout clothes. Look, you want to still appear good, sharp, muscular, and super sexy– but not like a douche!
Alpha attributes his confidence to working out– it changed his life. You can do it, and do like like a sexy barbarian 😛 TAGEND

1. Shoes – function trumps fashion here! They need to be specific for your activity. Make sure they’re clean

2. Shorts – big, long, and baggy build you appear shorter. Alpha discusses inseams as well as wearing tights under shorts in colder weather.

3. Workout pants – big and baggy sweatpants build you appear short, heavy, and pear-shaped. Alpha demonstrates the perfect leisure/ work out pants from Public Rec. They are amazing– they are crazy comfortable and look like tailored pants. You can always seem dynamite. Alpha also shows Public Rec’s new bomber jacket that matches the pants.

4. Tee shirts – big and baggy tee shirts don’t show off your handguns. Your shirt needs to fit well. Alpha is not a big fan of Under Armour shirts. Very few( like three !) look great in these shirts– the rest look like sausages. Alpha describes the perfect fit of a perfect workout tee: sleeves that are high, fitted through the body, snug in the chest. Alpha recommends Trim Menswear which he has a ton of their gear which are tailored to the athletic build.

5. Tank tops – wife beaters don’t seem good on anyone and aren’t appropriate for the gym. Also, DO NOT WEAR HOMEMADE TANK TOPS MADE OUT OF TEE SHIRTS – they make everyone look like they have love handles, and nipples should not be depicting! Go for a tank that is tight in the chest and looser in the body.