You Know You’re A Yogi If You’ll Spend Your Holiday In THESE Yoga Clothes!


We all know dressing up for the holiday season can be fun. However, there’s nothing we’d rather be wearing than a pair of yoga pants while curling up by the fire with family. Here are yoga clothing items you can dress up or down for any winter event. Make this the coziest holiday season yet. 

Wear Your Yoga Clothes

Want to have the best holiday season ever? Then you should seriously consider wearing your yoga clothes through the New year. There’s nothing worse than trying to fit into uncomfortable holiday clothing. At most holiday parties you’ll be cozying up by a fire, eating a little too much, and having a good time. Why not wear clothes that can move with you, rather than restrict you? Luckily there are tons of yoga clothes these days that can be dressed up.

Ultimate High-Waist Legging
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Take, for example, these high-waist ultimate leggings from AloYoga. They come in six different muted Fall and Winter tones and have adorable cutouts. Their intricate design looks like a snowflake and would look great with a chunky sweater and boots. The high waist means you won’t have to worry about coverage while you pick your baby niece off the floor at the family holiday party, and the stretchy material means you can dance the night away with friends.

Moto Legging
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If you’re looking for something even edgier, try these faux leather moto leggings, also from AloYoga. Paired with a sparkly top and heels, these yoga pants are the perfect choice for a New Year’s Eve party. You’ll be able to dance the night away in perfect comfort.

Cozy Up Jacket
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Finally, this Cozy Up jacket from Alo is the perfect statement piece for any holiday party. You’ll arrive comfortable and warm, without skimping on fashion at all. This model even paired the piece with the above Moto leggings, for a super cute and edgy look.

We highly recommend you add in yoga clothes to your holiday wardrobe this year. You’ll survive the party season feeling comfortable and at ease. Who knows, it might even inspire you to fit in a few sweat sessions between gingerbread cookies.