Physician Reveals The Only 4 Style To Build Muscle


Primary Ingredients For Building Muscle

Ingredient# 1 – HORMONES
Before anything can be said and done, you must have the right hormones for house muscle. They need to be optimized.

We all have different genetics and please don’t compare yourself to someone else who might have great genetics and then think there’s something wrong with you.

Just as someone who is a genius and has a high IQ, some people are just born with lots of muscle cells and the perfect hormones to build muscle and losing fat.

If you don’t optimize your hormones, anything else you do will NOT work and it’ll have become a trash of effort, time and money.

In fact, the right hormonal environment will build you grow muscle without doing anything – no workout, diets or supplements.

And, this is exactly what happens when you make puberty and all of a sudden “you’re starting” get muscular, leaner, more aggressive, hornier, etc.

It’s ALL about the hormones.

But let’s move on to the second most important ingredient and that’s EXERCISE

Ingredient# 2 – EXERCISE

In order for a muscle to grow, it FIRST needs to be “stimulated” and that requires exercise.
The correct form of workout ALSO renders important hormones and growth factors, that will build muscle.

And in order to do this, you need to lift weights.

Now, this can be with dumbbells, barbells, cables, machines or your own bodyweight. It doesn’t matter.

Okay, now that you’ve induced the muscle, have made the right hormones, it’s time to FEED your muscles.

Ingredient# 3 – DIET
If you don’t feed your muscles, the workouts will cause you to LOSE muscle.

In fact, this is what happened to me when I first started. I supposed I’d lift weights to construct my muscles grow and then eat less food to lose fat.

But all I did was get smaller and weaker. I was like an anorexic.

However, you don’t need that much extra food. Increase your calories by about 250 -5 00 daily and see how you appear and feel after a month. If you’re not getting fat, then good. If you are, lower the calories a little.

This has to do with YOUR body, so listen to it, pay attention.

As far as WHAT to eat. Okay … this is where all the disarray comes.

Simple, easy and effective.
Ingredient# 4 – REST
Now that you’ve stimulated

and fed the muscle, you will be required to REST it. Just like a baby, you need your remainder to grow.

As far as sleep, get as much as this is necessary. Some require 6 hours and some require 9. Go to bed before midnight and wake up naturally.