Common Gym Mistakes – Training Shoulders


From my own experience of training, observations stimulated with other gym goers, along with the thousands of of hours spend training my clients on a 1 on 1 basis, I’ve noticed a number of common mistakes built when it comes to developing shoulders.

The mistakes summarised 😛 TAGEND

Overhead pressing:
– Hands positioned inside of elbows
– Resting at the bottom of each rep
– Pressing excessively in front of or behind head
– Lack of symmetry

Lateral Raise:
– Over emphasis on front delt and failing to target mid delt
– Creating momentum to lift weights

Rear Delts:
– Failing to isolate them
– Retracting shoulders too much and over-engaging back muscles

Front Raises:
– Excessive bending of elbows during rep and over-engaging biceps

– Poor ROM
– Failing to squeeze traps adequately

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