Build A Bigger, Better Chest With Isometrics


Sometimes the toughest workouts aren’t the longest. EAS and athlete Jason Wittrock has created a unique chest workout that might be considered a breeze if measured by the stopwatch, but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for to its implementation of intensity. Wittrock himself calls it “an all-out assault ,”,NNP,[] ” combining both conventional and unconventional develop elements.

At the heart of Wittrock’s approach is a technique called isometrics. After completing a decide with a weight you can do for only 10 -1 2 reps, you squeeze your hands together and flex your chest with as much effort as is practicable to intensify the pump. You do this after a define of inclines, declines, and flat-bench presses with coinciding isometric squeezes that target the upper chest, lower chest, and middle pecs, respectively.

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