Best Tip To Construct Rear Delts( STOP THIS !)


Rear delts are one of the most forgotten muscles due to improper form. Often times, people recruit other muscles, such as traps or rhomboids to do any kind of posterior deltoid exert without knowing it. And then when they see that their rear delts aren’t get sore or growing, they increase their weight, which causes them to cheat with their kind even more.

Well it’s time to set the records straight and get you inducing your posterior deltoid better than ever before and it is done with one simple move … Scapular protraction AKA rolling your shoulders forward.

But you consider, this doesn’t mean roll your shoulders forward and bring your shoulder blades back and together as you go into the concentric stage of the rep. This entails Maintain your shoulders rolled forward the entire period and what you will find is that you are not able to go as far back as you once guessed. You should find your limbs naturally stopping when they are straight out to the side and THIS is where you should be feeling your peak contraction.

So try protracting your scapula the next time you go to made rear delts and experience the proper muscle stimulation!