The Best Science-Based Back Workout( TARGET EVERY MUSCLE !)


In this video I discuss the best back developing workout that utilizes exercises for a big back, as well as exercisings for a wider back based on current scientific literature and our anatomical understanding of the back muscles. It’s important that you not only opt the right exerts when performing a back workout for mass, but to also perform these exercises in the correct fashion to target the right muscles. If you’re looking to add more mass, depth, and width to your upper back and lower back while targeting muscles that are important for scapular and shoulder stability, then this is the best back workout video for you.

Within the video I’m going to discuss 5 exerts that I believe are essential to grow a powerful and attractive looking back: the deadlift, pull-up, chest-supported row, lat pulldown, and scapular pull-up.

I will go through each of these exerts and present the muscle anatomy worked in each workout, as well as the best fluctuations of these exerts based on current research. It’s also equally important that you are targeting the right back muscles when carrying out each of these exerts. I discuss a few “cues” and tips that have helped me minimise the involvement of secondary muscles and focus on using my back throughout each movement.

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