8 Ab Exercises For A Perfect Six Pack


Getting a “perfect ” six pack is very subjective .. But when I imagine a perfect define of abs, I imagine an all around shredded core .. Upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and serratus. But before you start doing specific workouts and start thinking that those are going to strip the fat from your belly, stop. The most important thing to do to get your abs appearing ripped is to get your nutrition and full body developing program figured out first.

But once the hell is figured out, it’s time to start doing the correct ab exerts to build an all around perfect six pack. And when it comes to these exerts, you have to make sure you understand the different muscle groups that make up your abs. You have your rectus abdominis, your internal and external obliques and your transverse abdominis.

Once you start doing workouts that properly target these muscle groups separately to maximize the amount of muscle stimulation, you will start considering all areas of your abs improving. So in this video, I devote 4 ab exerts that anybody can do, 1 for each area of the abdomen and then I get 4 ab exerts that are little more advanced so that you can challenge yourself.

Try these out and let me know how you like them!