4 Dumbbell Workout to Build Massive Shoulders


This 4 exercising shoulder routine is going to help you set some serious mass on your shoulders…and all it requires is a pair of dumbbells. This is an awesome routine that you can do either at the gym or in your home! These 4 workouts will ensure every head of your deltoid muscle is fully trained, to grow the muscle as quickly and effectively a possible.

We’ll begin this workout with a compound pressing motion. For this specific workout, we’ll start with a Standing Military Press for 3 situates of 5-8 repetitions. The purpose of this exercise is to overload the muscles with a heavier loading( hence the low 5-8 repeats ). Press heavy and maintain good form.

Directly after, we’ll be moving into some targeting of the anterior head of our deltoids. We’ll be performing the standing Neutral Grip Front Raise for 3 sets of 12 reps to target this head. Maintain control of the weight, and never incorporate the use of assistive muscles in your back. If you can’t prevent yourself from swaying the weight or arching your back in order to get the weight up, then simply lower the weight. Bad form on this exercise is usually caused by using too heavy of a weight.

To target our medial head, we’ll be utilizing the Seated Lateral Raise. The purpose of performing this exercise while seated is to assist in eliminating the role our back plays in helping lift the weight up. The backrest on the bench will be effective in preventing you from arching your back. Make sure to keep your middle and lower back planted on the bench the whole time too. Perform this exercise for 3 sets of 12 repetitions, ensuring you get the weight up just higher than your shoulders.

To conclude our workout, we’ll be targeting an incredibly important head of our deltoids. This is the posterior head. A good section of every guy’s deltoids is ridiculously underdeveloped. The results of an underdeveloped posterior head are plaguing shoulder traumata; the more common injury being rotator cuff damage. Preserve your shoulders, promote the longevity of your lifting career, and NEVER neglect the posterior head of your deltoid. We’ll be performing 3 situateds of 15-20 reps for this exercise.