3 Biggest Mistakes Attained When Foam Rolling( DON’T DO THESE !)


3 Biggest Mistakes When Foam Rolling 😛 TAGEND

1) Running Too Fast – when you’re going too fast( aka rolling backward and forward in a few seconds) you aren’t creating enough pressure in a single spot to break up any scar tissue that has developed.

2) Sitting On One Spot Too Long – 30 -6 0 seconds top to sit on a certain place. Any longer can place you at risk to injure tissue, nerves and causing more long-term negative effects.

3) Be Careful Where You Are Rolling – merely because one muscle is tight doesn’t entail it needs to be rolled out. When you feel the

ache in a specific area, typically there is nothing wrong with that specific area. It’s due to a number of different muscle imbalances, look at where the pain can originate from instead.