The 10 Most Popular Yoga Poses To Overcome And Prevent Colds


It’s cold season. There’s nothing worse than not feeling your best. Thankfully, there are some very helpful yoga poses for colds. These tried and true flows will help you stay active, and feel better faster.

Yoga Poses For Colds

Ever wanted to use your yoga practice for healing powers? You’re not alone. Many yogis would rather hit their mat than their pharmacy. All gentle activity and Yoga is great for colds and illness. However, these specific poses are especially helpful. When it comes to yoga poses for colds, we’ve got you covered.

Should You Be Exercising When Sick?

You may be wary of exercising when sick. We’ve always been advised to rest, relax, and help the body heal. However, we aren’t suggesting you pound the pavement, or practice your most vigorous vinyasa ever. These poses are designed to gently awaken the immune system and bring circulation and blood flow through the body.

Remaining active through cold and flu season will help you to feel better. You might avoid a few aches and pains if you stay moving. Make sure to listen to your body during practice. If you begin to feel worse, stop immediately. However, as you listen to your body, you might realize that the poses are bringing a great amount of relief.

Breathe deep, sip tea, and love yourself. Practicing self-love and care is the best way to recover quickly from a cold. These yoga poses will help you connect your mind and body, and restore you to good health once again.

Forward Fold

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Ever felt so congested that you thought your head would explode? We know we have. Try a standing forward fold next time. This pose brings blood circulation to the head and chest area. It helps to relieve sinuses and also lengthens your hamstrings. Try holding this posture for three to five breath cycles. You’ll be breathing better in no time.

Reclined Twist Pose

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Try reclined twist pose if you are feeling groggy and stuffed up. Any pose that incorporates a twist is great for digestion. This pose, in particular, alleviates stress and releases tension in the hips and torso. Lay on your back, pull your knee towards you, and then twist towards your opposite leg. Hold for five breaths and then switch to the other side.

Downward Dog

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One of the best yoga poses for colds is the downward dog. This tried and true pose comes with a myriad of benefits. The downward dog is a staple in any yoga practice and can help with feeling better quickly. Like the forward fold, this posture brings blood to your upper body and clears your head. Flow in and out of the posture a few times by rolling through the spine. You’ll move white blood cells through your body to help with immunity.


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A bridge is a great way to open the hips, strengthen the glutes, and open the heart. It’s also great for stimulating immunity and bringing a feeling of peace to the body. Lie on your back and bring your feet to the floor, hips wide apart. Press you hips up towards the sky. Make sure to keep your gaze straight up. Hold this posture for five breaths, rest, and repeat.

Seated Spinal Twist

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Like the reclined twist pose, the seated spinal twist is also great for digestion and getting things moving. Sometimes when we are taking different medicines, antibiotics, or cough suppressants, our digestive system takes a beating. This pose will help you feel regular again. Twists are also great for detoxing. Just make sure to be drinking plenty of water.

Fish Pose

Fish Pose
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Lay back on your back and wiggle your arms underneath you, reaching for your feet. Press your throat and upper back towards the sky and come into the fish pose. This heart opener will allow the lungs and sinuses to open. This pose also enlivens the thyroid gland and has even been shown to release melatonin– great for relaxation.

This is a great pose to practice right before bed. It aids in rest- a vital component to recovery when it comes to colds and sickness.

Shoulder Stand Or Plow

Shoulder Stand
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Your doctor might advise you to rest and “kick your heels up,” when you’re sick. Well here’s a literal way to do that- shoulder stand or plow. Lie on your back and use your core muscles to roll your feet up towards the ceiling. Support your lower back with your hands. You have the option to drape your feet over your head for a plow. This pose gets the blood moving through your entire body and stretches your back. It also helps clear congestion.

Legs On Wall Pose

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Finally, we all love legs on wall pose. As rest is the best cure for a cold, this pose is almost too good to be true. Consider it a power nap with extra healing powers. This pose brings circulation to the groin and trunk. It eases tension and allows you to meditate and breathe deeply. 

Lay facing the wall on your back. You can place a pillow or blanket underneath you for comfort. Slide your feet up the wall, at a 90-degree angle. Focus on your breath and hold for as many breath cycles as you would like. 

This pose gives you the benefits of an inversion (think handstands, plow, and forearm balance). However, you don’t have to exert as much effort with this pose. Reap all the benefits without doing any of the work.

Feeling Under The Weather

Next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather, try these simple yoga poses for colds. They stimulate your immune system, bring awareness and breath back to the body, and help you to relax. Ultimately, they may not be able to replace tried and true medicines and remedies altogether. However, they can help you get back on your feet quicker, and have you feeling active and relaxed.