Grilled Veggies – Quick & Easy Sides



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Here are the essentials to grilling vegetables. First, cut the vegetables all the same size, this way they will all cook for the same length of time. For example, I cut the zucchini in ½ thick slices, the peppers in 3 or 4 whole pieces and onions, in ¼ inch rounds (keep these together, they will separate on the grill). Keep the grill at medium heat, so about 375- 450 degress and the burners on medium high. This will give great grill marks but still cook them through. Cook them over direct heat. Many people either use indirect heat, which does not cook them through or high direct heat, which chars them. I recommend cooking them over medium heat for 2 — 3 minutes per side, depending on the vegetable. I have a chart of cooking time by vegetable and I’ll include that as a link to this video.

I like to marinate the vegetables before I cook them. I usually use an Italian vinaigrette or some oil, vinegar, kosher salt and pepper and maybe a little garlic. Lemon juice and Dijon is good too. Just stay away from dressings with a lot of sugar, which tends to burn on the grill before things are cooked through. At a minimum, brush the vegetables with canola or olive oil before putting them on the grill. I tend to use whatever salad dressing I have leftover from the night before and let the veggies sit in that for an hour or two before grilling.

Now place the vegetables on the warm grill. I use a Weber grill and I love it. You can count on great, consistent heat and a terrific cooking surface. Close the cover and let them cook for about 2 minutes. Gently flip them over and cook another 2 — 3 minutes or until cooked through. The vegetables should have some great grill marks, feel soft and cooked, but not blackened (with the exception of peppers, the skin on the pepper will blacken and is peeled off before you eat it so in that case, the blackened look tells you they are done, not burnt).

Take them off the grill and add a little kosher salt before you serve them.


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