Top Five Grilling Tips


The world famous BBQ Brian Misko is well known for his award-winning grilling skills. He travels the world perfecting this craft, and has earned the right to be called a BBQ Pit Master. Today, BBQ Brian runs the very successful House of Q, an award-winning BBQ sauces and spices company. When he’s not doing that, he’s promoting his grilling cookbook” Grilling with House of Q ,” and continuing to innovate and make new recipes in the BBQ pits.

As you can see, BBQ Brian Misko is busy guy. But he still stimulated time to ensure that one luck CFOX listener got a backyard BBQ experience he’ll never forget. This award was part of the CFOX Grills Gone Wild event that ran in the Lower Mainland of BC, and was sponsored by Shun Cutlery, House of Knives, and House of Q.

While not everyone can have BBQ Brian Misko personally cook an amazing BBQ bash for them, he does pass along five very important grilling tips-off in the video.