Top 10 Charcoal Grilling Tips for Beginners

By Roger Miguel | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-11-10

I have been grilling using a charcoal weber grill for about four years now and in this video I share with you my top 10 Charcoal Grilling tips. I made this video to help out people that are new to charcoal grilling. There’s a nice aroma and experience that comes from grilling on a charcoal grill versus a gas/propane grill.

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1 – Don’t use Lighter Fluid 0:06
2 – Clean & Oil Grill Grate 0:46
3 – Never Use same tongs for raw and cooked meat 1:18
4 – Use Two Zone Method 1:47
5 – Learn to use Vents to control heat 3:03
6 – Use Marinades and Rubs 5:29
7 – Use a meat Thermometer 6:24
8 – Always have Heavy Duty Aluminum foil on hand 7:00
9 – Know difference between wood lumps and briquettes 7:45
10 – Buy a Weber Kettle Grill 8:41

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