Rusty Chicken Thighs – Fast and Easy Grilled Chicken Marinade Recipe


When I first came up, dishes had cool names, but that eventually went out of style, and cooks simply started listing all the ingredients on the menu instead. That’s all well and good, but the problem for recipes like this” Rusty Chicken ,” is that if I called it” Grilled Chicken Thighs marinated with Garlic, Soy, Maple Syrup, Chilies and Rice Vinegar ,” you’d be thinking about all those parts and not the sum( of the yum ?).

Since no one flavor predominates this beautifully balanced, all-purpose grilled chicken marinade, I’d prefer it simply be called ” rusty chicken”- celebrating the color of the marinade and meat, instead of the individual ingredients. I guess what I’m getting at is this doesn’t inevitably savor like the ingredients sound.

Besides, I believe recipes with unique names take on their own personality, and it merely takes a few tall tales to build a mythology around it. One reason Buffalo chicken wings savour so good is because they’re called ” Buffalo wings ,” and not” hot sauce& margarine-glazed wings .” Anyway, call this what you want, simply make sure you give it a try soon. Enjoy!