Pan Grilled Calamari – Healthy Recipe for Grilled Squid


Calamari is a food that is consumed by the boatloads in Spain, as well as most of western Europe. Now, for most of us when we think of calamari, we instantly get images of perfectly fried squid rings alongside some marinara sauce, heaven on a plate. However, in truth, calamari is so much more than just fried up rings!(which is one of my personal favorite apps in life!).

Now back to reality, this recipe of pan grilled calamari is super healthy and really brings out the natural flavors in this beautiful cephalopods (FYI: squid is not a fish nor a shellfish, they are actually cephalopods!) In Spain, finding squid in the supermarket is a dime a dozen, they are everywhere! However you can find these exact squids that are used in this recipe at your local Asian market, they usually have them in the frozen section. The secret to a good squid/calamari on the grill is to not over-cook it.