Grilled Greek Chicken – Garlic, Lemon& Herb Grilled Chicken Recipe


As I mentioned in the video, the secret to this simple chicken is a very powerful marinade. This is one of those rare recipes where, when in doubt, we add a bit more. Above and beyond that, the only style to ruin this would be to singe the skin/ marinade with too high, direct heat.

We truly want to kind of roast these pieces on the grill. So, don’t build a huge fire, and wait for it to turning ashy, before using semi-indirect heat to slowly cook the meat through. This route we get a tender inside, as well as and a gorgeous, caramelized exterior.

This is so flavorful that you really don’t need a sauce, but some fresh lemon is nice, as is a spicy yogurt. Just squeeze a little lemon into some nice thick, Greek yogurt, spike it with hot sauce, and you have a perfect seasoning. And speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, this stuff pairs wonderfully with brew. I truly hope you give this grilled Greek chicken recipe a try soon. Enjoy!

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