Cooking a Turkey on Your Outdoor Grill


Cooking a Turkey on your Outdoor Grill is just as easy as making a Turkey in your oven. This method of cooking a Turkey would work just as well on a gas grill. I used a Weber Grill in this tutorial. I really like how this Turkey came out. It had a wonderful appearance as well as taste.
Tips for Smoking your Turkey:
* Place coals evenly in your grill (don’t be stingy with the charcoal) We are looking to get our temperature between 435 to 450 degrees
*Don’t butter the outside unless you use clarified butter
*You can brine, but I haven’t found it necessary
*I suggest Tony Chachere’s turkey injection
*Do Not tie legs together until after cooked for presentation
*Do not stuff the turkey with traditional stuffing
*Cook on something that will shield the turkey from direct heat (I use a broiler pan)
*Make sure you remove anything in Turkey cavity before cooking