Barbecue Pork Ribs: Melts in your Mouth Easy Recipe for Pork Ribs


When you get a rack of ribs, you’ll notice that there’s a membrane on the back of the slab. “The membrane keeps the moisture in the ribs ,”,NN,[] ” he says. “If you have it removed, the moisture will drip right down .”

Before cooking, rub the ribs all over with prepared yellow mustard( such as French’s ), then apply a spice rub( you can find these at the grocery store, but it’s easy to make your own, which allows you to customize it to your own tastes .) The mustard helps the rub adhere to the ribs, and it tenderizes the meat, explains Browne. If you’re not a fan of mustard , not to worry — Browne says you won’t be able to savor it. Let this mustard-rub concoction sit on the rib( in the refrigerator) from an hour to 24 hours to allow the flavor to infuse into the meat.

When you’re ready to barbecue the rib, place the rack meat side down on over direct hot for 10 to 15 minutes, then continue to cook over low, indirect heat — in a smoker, if you have one — for anywhere from another hour to as many as eight hours, depending on the size of the ribs and what your specific recipe calls for( barbecue aficionados tend to agree that “low and slacken ” is the way to go with ribs, but they have little consensus about just how low and how slow ).

Whatever you do, don’t put one across any barbecue sauce until the last 10 to 15 minutes of cooking( some schools of barbecue thought suggest not putting barbecue sauce on at all ). Any earlier, and you’ll have black rib and they won’t be done inside. We recommend cooking pork ribs to an internal temperature of 145deg, but since a thermometer is a bit tough to employ with small ribs, look out for these visual cues: The ribs are done when the meat have started to pull away from the bone by about a half inch to an inch; or, if you pick up a slab of rib with tongs, the slab should bend somewhat, but the meat should not begin to fall apart. To serve, slice the rack into individual portions, cutting between the bones. Offer more barbecue sauce on the side, if you’d like.