Fitness Evolution Routines That Destroy Your Vital Organs


It is an exaggeration saying that intense endurance training involving tough cardio exercises can kill, but there’s a bit of truth in it. Fitness has evolved with technology and alarming you that you have reached the time limit set comes automatically. To ignore this brilliant fitness evolution functionality is all up to you. However, there’s always a consequence in every wrong move as far as wellness is concerned.

This might sound very alarming but don’t get confused with the fact that inactivity can pose greater risk into your health, rather than having too much of exercise. On the other hand, it can’t be ignored also that veteran endurance athletes are more likely to suffer from heart diseases like “right ventricle heart function”, “cardiac enzymes increased blood levels” which is an indication of a heart injury and the existence of “scar tissue”.

Endurance Building Innovation

Let’s stick into the gym for indoor workouts to keep your heart healthy. No need to cycle, climb or row a boat under extreme weather – just to imitate the gestures needed to build endurance. Here are some innovative options that should be available in your gym membership:

fitness innovation

Rowing Indoor

  • Your entire body will be worked out just by rowing in basic movements that you didn’t think were important before in your quest to keep fit.84 percent of your body’s muscles will be affected in every stroke. The good thing is, unlike running – your joints will be safe because of its low impact process. Note these tips as you go along:
  • While pushing back, most power to be exerted must come from your legs as you hinge forward.
  • Arms must be the last to move as you pull in but first to release when getting back to initial position.
  • Abs must be pulled in tightly to be able to sit straight.
  • Concentrate on your strength not how fast you can do the rowing.
  • Never try to pick up your pace because it will just be efforts wasted. It is also bad for the lower back.

Cycling Indoor

  • Set yourself up properly first before making some spins. Pulling the pedals from behind can have more fat burning effects as you exert more pressure while pedaling forward. Here are more reminders:
    Your “gluteal” muscles at the buttocks and hamstrings can benefit more if you focus on the upward motions, losing more calories.
  • Build a momentum to counter resistance as you start to sprint.
  • Use your core to stop yourself from leaning on to the handlebars as you feel like resting. Good for your abs.


  • VersaClimbing is so exciting that your will forget rock climbing sensations as you get used to the interval actions while using this device. It serves both lower and upper body fitness routines by just doing a single vertical climbing motion. Work that cardio out better by following these:
    Just keep up and continue doing the motions.
  • Expect to feel tired easily but don’t worry, you are motivated to keep it going as you gain endurance.
  • Get used to working out against gravity, you will develop good posture after gaining strong back and core.

Now you know what these exercise machines do to your body and wellness as a whole. Don’t get carried away with the “fun” nature of these routines. Have that discipline to stop and go home when they tell you so. No exercise abuse, no bad heart!

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