Grandma Camp

Feeling Adventurous? Host Your Own “Grandma Camp”

By Theresa White | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-09-30

Grandma Camp

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to host a “Camp Grandma”? How fun would it be to have all of the grandchildren with you, at your home, without any parents?

Terrifying? Yeah, maybe a little. But it also sounds like a whole lot of opportunity to create some real family memories. Not to mention the bonding between the cousins. Adventurous?  You bet. 

If you have a lot of grandchildren, “Grandma Camp” just might be the best thing you can give them.

Lots of grandparents like to host all of their grandchildren at once.

“If they are widely separated in ages and interests, or if you are intimidated by having all of them at once, you can host more than one Grandma Camp. Usually, however, the older grandkids can be pressed into service to help with the younger ones, and one of the points is to get the grandchildren better acquainted with each other.

For it to really be considered Grandma Camp, the parents have to be gone for at least part of the time. Sometimes the parents are invited for the final day or hours of the event. That’s not a bad idea, as the grandparents may need some help by then. Some grandparents make the rule that their grandchildren must be out of diapers before they can attend. Some say that infants can attend along with their parents.

You may want to enlist some extra help. If both grandparents are available and willing to be involved, that’s great. If not, you may want to invite a friend or relative to join the fun. Just be sure the invitee is someone who will pitch in and help.

For kids under the age of 10, you probably need a grown-up for each three kids. If you plan activities that require close supervision, such as water activities or camping, you will need an adult for each two kids.”

Of course, coordinating schedules with busy families could pose a bit of a challenge. My guess is, that if you’re willing to take children for more three days or more, their parents will find a way. 

It’s best to get it on the calendar about three months in advance. That gives everyone enough time to plan and prepare. It is probably a good idea to check with parents before setting your date, for sports commitments.

Warning: Children have a way of turning anything wonderful into a tradition. So, be prepareded that after the first camp, they will be planning their next grandma camp. Take notes for what you will change next year.

Every year will get easier as the children get older. But don’t forget, you only have about eighteen summers. How many do you have left?



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