What’s A Teacup Dog And Is It Good For The Grandkids?


A small dog sits in your lap. A tiny dog sits in… your teacup? Do these forever-puppy- types make good pets for you and your grandkids?

small dog or teacup

Let’s start with the lap dog. How big is it? That may depend on the size of the owner’s lap and their willingness to invite their pet on board. However, most agree that between 8-16 pounds and 6 to 18 inches tall is great for a TV-watching pal.

Next in smallness, is the toy. According to the AKC, a toy can be up to 18 inches tall and weight up to 18 pounds.

Last of all, is the teacup which must be shorter than 17 inches and weighing less than 4 pounds–at one year. 

How do we get teacups? They’re the smallest of a litter of toys. The runts. The AKC doesn’t recognize the teacup at all. 

Furthermore, there are many opinions out there about breeding them. These tiny pooches are fragile and can easily break a bone. They cannot be left unattended and should never be left alone with young children. 

Also, the teacup must be fed and watered several times a day and taken out to potty a couple times per hour. Why? Tiny stomachs get hungry often and tiny bladders can’t hold much. Therefore, when you think of a teacup think–newborn baby. Constant care.

If you’re up for the task a teacup may be right for you

small dog or teacup

There are only six true teacups and they must have “teacup” for their first name. Otherwise, they’ll be a larger version of the same breed.

  • The Teacup Chihuahua loves to be carried in your handbag. He’s affectionate but don’t leave him alone. And he’s doesn’t mix with other dogs and children.
  • The Teacup Maltese thinks he bigger than he is. He’ll try to ward off strangers and is okay with older kids.
  • The Teacup Poodle is among the smartest but needs lots of grooming from someone accustomed to handling the tiny breed.
  • The Teacup Pomeranian may need anti-bark training and they desire a laid-back life of ease. They’re great purse-dogs and thus, a good pick for women.
  • The Teacup Yorkie will want lots of play and exercise. He doesn’t like kids or other animals and needs a fully dedicated owner.
  • The Teacup Shih Tzu has beautiful long hair. They’re low energy and don’t waste what they have with barking. In addition, they love kids. 

Is the teacup for you? Perhaps, if you don’t mind all the fuss. However, choose carefully if you wish to share him with your grands.