Why Bone Broth Is Trending Right Now


Most of us own a stock pot and we aren’t afraid to use it. Our mothers did, our grandmothers did, and our great-grandmoms definitely did. So why is making bone broth considered trendy and new? Let’s find out.

what's all the fuss about bone broth

People have been tossing bones and water into “pots” for thousands of years. They didn’t understand the nutritional value of the brew but it’s all they had. As time went on, homemade stock was seen as too humble or too much work. Unless. someone got a tummy bug and opened a can of chicken soup.

Some of us continued with our all-day simmering and our kids and grandkids swear by its goodness. And like those who have gone before us, we may not be able to give a rundown of its nutrition but we know when we’ve got a good thing.

The modern makers of this nutritious soup base are gathering quite a following of newbies. And it gives a chuckle to many of us grandmas to watch them discover this hidden treasure.

The fact is that broth made with bones of many sorts contains a good deal of vitamins and minerals. Also, it contains glycine, an amino acid that helps to boost liver function– which in turn, aids in detoxifying the body. 

Furthermore, the bones release gelatin which aids in digestion by normalizing the response of stomach acid. Is that why we’ve served it to upset tummies?

One of my favorite health benefits of bone broth is the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin it provides; as tendons and cartilage cook down in the pot. From their joints to ours is worth the extra effort and much less expensive than over-the-counter supplements.

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