The Wacky March Holidays To Celebrate With Your Grandkids


The month of March has much to offer in the way of unexpected holidays to share with your grandchildren. Therefore, it’s time celebrate things like pigs, popcorn, and peanut butter.

wacky march holidays

March is the month which sometimes hosts Good Friday, Easter, Passover, and Purim and always opens the season of spring. Thus, with so much going on, do we really need anything else to celebrate? Perhaps we should ask our grandkids.

There are over 75 national and international observances in the month of March. That may seem overwhelming to avid party-people. However, if we aren’t able to be with our grandkids for one of our more preferred March holidays, we may consider a unique observance– by surprise.

Check out the following short-list of March holidays then introduce one to your grandkids– because kids love “parties” and we love to create them. 

  • National Pig Day
  • National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
  • I Want You to be Happy Day
  • National Frozen Food Day
  • Popcorn Lover’s Day
  • Ear Muff Day
  • Tea for Two Tuesday
  • National Chip and Dip Day
  • Waffle Day
  • Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Do you see something you like? My grandkids like to celebrate National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day because it’s roughly two weeks after Valentine’s and before any of our religious holidays.

We bake P.B. cookies and I tell them stories about an old Pastor friend who put peanut butter on such things are strawberry ice cream and pickles.

Keep Them Guessing What You’re Up To

wacky march holidays

I’ve snuck in some other wacky March holidays, too. However, if they held me to repeat each one every year, we’d be broke and exhausted. So, we draw one of our favorites out of a bowl and celebrate it.

Thus far, we’ve celebrated “I Want You To Be Happy Day” by writing love notes and doing one out of the ordinary kind deed for each other.

And “Ear Muff Day” by communicating in sign language for an hour and wearing our muffs outside in the yard; even if it’s well over freezing. In addition, we wear them to the store– if we’re feeling very brave.

On “Waffle Day” we make homemade waffles, fold them like tacos, and stuff them with wacky fillings. Top picks are frozen yogurt with sprinkles and jelly with whipped cream. And we finally agreed that roast beef and carrots were also delicious.

Which wacky March holiday would your grandkids enjoy?