The Most Overlooked Valentine’s Day Photo Ops You Must Capture


At Christmas, we take pictures of gift-giving. On Thanksgiving, it’s eating. For Valentine’s Day? Try these photo ops.

Try Valentine's Day Photo Ops

I was in the kitchen on Valentine’s Day when my four-year-old granddaughter came in. She asked what I was doing. I didn’t want to say that I was making a special treat. So I said, “I’m making something.”

She walked out and her older brother walked in. He asked what I was doing. From the other room, my granddaughter called out, “Grandma is making. Get out!”

Her remark has carried through the years, so that, whenever I’m in the kitchen, I’m “making.”

“Making” is one of the best Valentine’s Day photo ops. We make cookies, cupcakes, candies and sometimes pink lemonade. In addition, we make cards, photo-frames, bracelets, and bookmarks.

What do you make on Valentine’s Day?

If you have a “making” family, take lots of pictures of each of your little grands in action. And of course, pictures of them with grandma and grandpa and the entire group.

Then you get to make something else. Buy 4X6 photo albums that hold twenty or thirty pictures. Give an album to each of your grandchildren which highlights that grandchild’s part in the Valentine’s making day. 

Grandma’s latest proposal

Try these Valentine's Day photo ops

Don’t forget to freeze other moments with some great shots. Things like hugs, kisses, dancing, and candlelight are not just for couples. Have someone ready with their smartphone to capture each surprise.

Other photo ops are chocolate faces and hands, pink dresses, balloons and homemade Valentine boxes.

Did you decorate a shoe box to hold Valentine’s from classmates? Gather your grands and tell them about yours. And take a picture. 

Last, but not least, remember why you’re gathered. Christmas may be about your faith or mainly about presents. Thanksgiving may be about history and cranberry sauce.

But Valentine’s Day is all about hearts. There are hearts in the kitchen, on the table, and inside of boxes and envelopes. They all say the same thing. I love you.

This Valentine’s Day, get out your camera’s and start “making”. Most of all, make something that will last forever. Memories.