Is Your Town Mentioned In These Country Music Hits?


There’s more than one way to get your city on the map. When big names like Willie Nelson, George Strait, and Johnny Cash sing about your hometown, it’s sure to stick. Has country music mentioned you?

country music cities in lyrics

In 1986, Merle Haggard released “Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa.” There had to be something there, other than the woman that broke his heart, that would keep him away. And he needed pleasant memories to fade.

Kenny Chesney, mentioned Cleveland, Ohio is his 2005 “Anything But Mine.” The lyrics told the story of a summer romance, between two youths, and he couldn’t see her as anything else but his.

His lover left him for another man but George Strait still remembered the times they shared in Fort Worth. And he wondered if the city ever crossed her mind.

Johnny Cash reminisced about Chattanooga, in 2003, saying it was a good place to get crazy. And Allison Krauss thought much the same of Atlanta.

Travis Tritt sang of a meet up in Johnson City, Tennessee where a sequel to Bonnie and Clyde got underway–to the poor boy’s surprise.

Other locations that made it big in country music are Charleston, South Carolina, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Baltimore, Maryland and Jackson, Mississippi. However, the state with the most cities recalled and recorded is Texas. 

We’ve all love the songs that mention the names of people, places and things that could actually happen. Even if they didn’t. And those that named their real-life spouses are best of all.

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