Bonding Activities That Bring You Closer Together With Your Tweens


What’s a tween? A child between the ages of ten and twelve. Many times, these kids are too old to be counted among our youngsters but too young to enter teenaged circles. They are the perfect age to draw close through these getting-to-know-you activities. 

activity with tweenKeep a shared journal. 

Take your tween shopping to choose a journal. Make the first entry together. Explain that on that particular day you began sharing your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and happenings.

Have your tween take the journal home and record just a few sentences a day. Get together again and read the entries aloud, discussing what was recorded. Then it’s your turn to keep it and do the same. This gets the two of you together often and deepens your times of sharing.

Become pen pals. 

If your tween is long distance, jot down your thoughts and send them in a colorful envelope. Ask a few questions that will spark their interest. Don’t think your tween will want to write? Slip in a few clippings of recent jokes, cartoons or a few dollars. You may start something they’ll look forward to.

Take a walk and play I-spy. You can go through the letters of the alphabet calling out what you see that begins with each one. If you’re in a colorful area, sit on a bench and call out a color. The first one to declare an object of that color wins. This will also give you a hint to what types of things your tween notices.

If your tween is into video gaming, give it a try.

tween activities

That may be the last thing you’d like to do but when we show interest in what our tweens enjoy, they may be more apt to share other activities. We can learn about their skills and sportsmanship and they’ll learn that everything they do is important to us. 

Cook a homemade pizza together. Have their favorite toppings ready and build the pie into halves. One side is for his or her favorites and the other yours. This speaks of individuality yet unity. Sit down with your creation and enjoy the conversation.

Your tween will soon become a teenager. Times well spent, before that happens, may carry memories far into the future.