Top 5 Dogs That You and Your Grandkids Will Love as A Pet

By Emerson C. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-11-26

A lot of children beg their parents or even their grandparents for a pet. Dogs are playful, and can help your grandchildren practice responsibility. And who could resist those cute fur babies?

But when choosing a dog, you should consider a lot of things, including a dog’s disposition, temperament, size, and most especially, your family’s lifestyle. Some dogs are extremely capable of protecting you and your family, others simply make good snugglers.

So, what are the dog breeds that will best suit you and your grandchildren?

Grandchildren will love dogs as pets
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Bulldogs are a family-friendly breed. They are full of energy as puppies, but they slow down as they grow older. They become great company for your small grandkids, since they develop into calmer dogs as your grandchildren age.

Bulldogs are loving and gentle. They have a sturdy build, perfect for playful children. This breed gets along with other breeds and pets too, since it is friendly and loyal. Bulldogs adapt well — they are comfortable living in anything from large houses to small apartments.

Labrador Retriever

This breed is a popular family dog. They get along with kids well, since they are very playful and friendly. Labradors are loving, smart, protective, and reliable — and they put up with a lot of pushing, pulling, and excitement from kids. This breed is easily trained, which make them a perfect combination for your grandchildren and you. The Lab’s eagerness and loyalty makes them well-loved, a perfect pet for the family.


Beagles are known for hunting, but they are a perfect match for active grandchildren, since they rarely tire of playing. They have a great love for food, so you might want to teach your grandchildren not to pass table scraps, because this can cause unhealthy weight gains in this breed.

Beagles are easy to care for, they are sweet, gentle, and loving. They are typically described as happy dogs, especially when they get adequate exercise. They do need rules though, since they can bark excessively, and sometimes, become over-protective, but this is easily managed with training.


This large romping breed is a gigantic dog with a sweet disposition, making them a fun companion for your grandchildren. Newfoundlands are nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter,” since they are usually gentle with kids. Remember Nana, the nursing dog from Peter Pan? 

Yes, she was a Newfoundland, that social dog that greets visitors and welcomes strangers bearing no ill-will. Considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, Newfoundlands are easily trained.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a well-known family dog — considered one of the best pets in the world. They are confident, smart, kind, and loyal. Golden Retrievers are a wonderful companion for you and your grandchildren, as they pick up new commands quickly. They love to fetch and bring back objects in their mouths — the name says it all. You can count on Golden Retrievers for a calm demeanor inside the house, and active play when it comes to outdoor activities.

What qualities do you most want in a pet for your grandchildren?

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