3 Things That Make Baby Boomers Tremble In Despair


We’ve been called the “most entitled” generation to date but that life is catching up with us. I don’t agree with the first statement but I’m wondering about the second. What does a baby boomer worry about? 
top 3 worries of every baby boomer

First, we’re concerned about our health. We’re living longer than those who have gone before us but we don’t want to hang around sick and diseased. Most of us believe we can improve our quality of life with diet and exercise but in the back of our minds, we may wonder if it’s too late. 

Stuff like organic foods, gym memberships, and day spas are relatively new to us. Thus, we’ve been eating and behaving the “old way” for decades. Yet, ever optimistic, we will give anything a try to swing the odds in our favor. 

Second, we worry about debt. We are givers. We’ve given to others and ourselves and it sometimes reflects in our credit card balances. And our homes have been a bit pricey. We also love to travel. Honestly, we like a good time. 

Now, how are we going to pay for it all? We have to keep working. We are born idealists but know reality when it hits us in the face and the wallet. While our parents retired at a much younger age, we cannot afford to. Thus, we worry about how long we can, should, and must work.

But we can’t lose sleep over it or we won’t have the energy to get up and punch in at the office. My best advice to all of us is to consult with a financial planner then follow his or her advice– even when it cramps our style.

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