Timeless Advice For Considering Others By Classical Country Music Greats


Our best-loved country music singers didn’t write just songs. They provided inspiration for life, love, and success. Which ones inspired you to reach out to others?


country music advice to help others

“I read novels but I also read the Bible. And study it, you know? And the more I learn the more excited I get.” – Johnny Cash 

Johnny Cash wore black. He did so to remember the poor, those with broken hearts and lives and to buck the establishment which sometimes seemed to forget that change was needed. 

Reading the Bible gave him excitement but also reminded to have the right attitude toward the less fortunate. And he knew the words within its pages could bring a better life to all of mankind.

Many of our classic country singes were concerned for others. Reba McEntire said life is about making the path a little gentler for those coming behind us. And Dolly Parton advised giving someone a smile if they don’t have one of their own.

When great people have suffered loss, ridicule, and uncertainty they’re in a good position to deliver a message of hope to others. And we appreciate the openness of those willing to take the risk.

Country music stars are some of our most transparent artists. Many times, their lyrics ring true of their own lives but also of others in need of a helping hand.  

In addition, many country artists have helped found and support a gamut of charitable organizations. 

Willie Nelson founded Farm Aid for family farmers. Garth Brooks has Teammates for Kids–an inner-city outreach. And Dolly Parton gets books into the hands of children. 

Passing on the inspiration

country music advice to help others

You’ve heard the phrase, “Put feet to your prayers.” How about, “Back your words with actions?” 

Many of our most loved country singers have done just that. They sing about love, care, and sincerity and then they model it. Consequently, they may provide lasting examples for our grandkids.

Who would you choose as inspiration to share with your grandkids? If you’ve followed a certain artist for decades, maybe it’s time to let your grands in on the reason.

Because whatever inspires grandma and grandpa may also inspire future generations.